An Airfield with an interesting history

An Airpark with an exciting future

Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield is located near Toogoolawah in South East Queensland, Australia. The runways and associated infrastructure were originally built in 1942 as part of the Australian World War II defense program. At the cessation of hostilities the airfield was no longer required by the military so the buildings were removed and the field returned to agricultural usage.

In the early 1980's a small group of dedicated recreational pilots "re-discovered" Watts Bridge. The runways were completely overgrown, the site being used to graze cattle. The enormous potential for the airfield was immediately recognized. The long and arduous task of reclaiming the airfield runways and taxiways was commenced. The airfield was officially recognized as having significant historical importance and was formally renamed as the 'Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield'.


By 1990 the airfield had effectively been recovered from the cow paddock, with two grass runways restored to excellent, fully operational condition. The only amenities on the field at this time were two 'Thunder Boxes' (primitive Ozzy toilets).

A management committee was formed, the vision being to promote and develop Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield as the long term centre for all forms of recreational aviation in the South East Queensland.

The development plan places great emphasis on recreational aviation activities, to ensure easy, open and affordable access for all aviators.

The internal roadways, taxiways and precincts of Watts Bridge have been named in keeping with the heritage of the airfield and as an ongoing tribute to those who had the vision and determination to see the establishment of the airpark and its facilities.

If It Flies - It's Welcome At Watts Bridge !!

Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield offers an 'Airpark' style development providing a wide range of general facilities, services and amenities. The airfield encourages appropriate private and commercial investment, always in keeping with the concept of an open and affordable recreational aviation centre.

Opportunities Include:

  • Private Hangarage sites for all aircraft types
  • Chalet sites for private hangers with attached dwellings
  • Club House sites for Home Base aviation interest groups
  • Caravan and Camping sites with amenities
  • Commercial Sites for aviation related industries
  • Flight Training School
  • Aviation Fuel on the field. (100LL AVGAS)

The development plan was formally approved in 1996. Since that time Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield has seen unprecedented activity with a great many development sites sold. Air Chalets along with Private and Commercial Hangars have been erected with many more in the planning and approvals stage. Aviation Fuel is available on-field.

The development at Watts Bridge is an ongoing process, open to all. You too can participate in the potential, the excitement, the opportunities, with many highly affordable, quality sites on offer in this unique airpark complex. And finally: Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require additional information.

Welcome to Recreational Aviation in S.E. Queensland

Welcome to Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield