Operated and Maintained by the Members

Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield Inc. is operated and maintained by members of the Association.
Your membership helps towards the running costs of the airfield and is greatly appreciated.
All Members agree to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield Inc.
which are freely available for download below.

The Initial Application & Membership Fee is $500.00
Membership Fees for subsequent years are $250.00 per year.

Information Sources and Document Downloads

If you would like to became a member of Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield, or uncertain as to whether
you need to become a member to be on the airfield, please refer to the following information sources.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD the Membership Application Form
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD the Constitution and Rules
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD the Flying Operations By-Laws
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD the Administration By-Laws

CLICK TO VIEW the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Page

Need To Know More ?

If you have any additional questions which are not covered on the website, please do not hesitate to
Contact Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield Management by using the Contact Page.