Mains Power Outage - 2nd April 2019

Energex advise that there is to be an intended power outage from 08.00 to 15.00 hrs on Tueday 02.04.2019.

This means that water pumps will not be working resulting in there being no toilet facilities, public or private, during that period unless individual sites can supply their own generated power.

Fuel will be unavailable during the power outage.

Frozen food in freezers will probably be OK if the freezers are left closed for the period but each person should make their own decision on this.

Watts for Breakfast??

10th March 2019

Once again a really strong roll-up for the first Watts for Breakfast of 2019. The fly-in proved to be a great success with over 30 aircraft turning up and around 77 breakfasts being sold.

The money generated from this event will be used to fund further improvements to the shelter shed complex. We may even need more tables and chairs as it became standing room only towards the end of the morning.

Three Aviation Websites

Bring on 2019 and there are three new Watts based aviation websites vying for our attention. Homebase Groups the Brisbane Valley Sport Aviation Club and the Queensland Warbirds and Vintage Aircraft Association have completely reworked their sites with great new looks and heaps of content.

Red Thunder Tactical Formation Clinic are already making a lotta noise about 2019 and 2020 planning.

Click the screen grabs and have a look !

A New Year - A New Hangar & Chalet

Updated 24.01.2019

Rolling on into the New Year and another chalet and hangar is under construction on the airfield. This time around it's Greg McConnell who is making the major long term commitment and investment in Watts Bridge.

Without doubt Greg is eagerly anticipating the day he can move into his new avaition complex.
Continue to watch this space for more photographs of the building project.

Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield is strongly committed to a "Fly Neighbourly" policy ensuring good working relationships with other land owners in the district.

Pilots are requested to download the Fly Neighbourly Chart to be aware of and avoid where operationally possible, noise and over-fly sensitive locations adjacent to the airfield.

Download the Fly Neighbourly Chart.

Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield requests that all members and visitors using the airfield's internal roads adhere to the signposted maximum Speed Limit of 20kph.

The Speed Limit maximises safety for all motorists and pedestrians, significantly reduces damage to the airfield's roadways and minimises the generation of dust which has an adverse affect on aircraft, buildings and human health.

Download the Drive Neighbourly Information Sheet.