ANZAC Day 2015
Remembrance Service
25th April 2015


Engines for replica
Aeroplanes Seminar
18th April 2015

YAK Team

Red Thunder 2015
Flying & Social
14-17th May 2015


All-In Fly-In 2015
The Pilot's Picnic
30th May 2015

It's All Happening in 2015......

Lots of good things in store for Watts Bridge members and visitors in the coming year.

QVAG Seminars, the ANZAC Day Remembrance, Red Thunder2015, the All-in Fly-In, the BVSAC Fun Fly Poker Run, Christmas in July, the Queensland Aerobatic Championships, and the Gathering of Eagles are just some of the events planned for 2015. Add to that the regular Homebase Group Meetings and other events yet to be announced.

Just keep checking the website, the Events Calendar and Facebook to stay right up to date with what's on !

Extreme Flying

11th March 2015

Watts and QVAG member Peter Biddle certainly enjoys his flying. Not content with the 2 week "Around Queensland" trip he did last year, Peter is currently undertaking extreme flying training in Alaska.

On the day that these photo's were taken Peter reported that he was at 7,000 feet, the temperature was minus 20 degrees and that there was nobody else around for miles.

Before the trip Peter was asked "Why would you ever do this kind of training?? I mean, let's face it, these are not your typical Ozzi flying conditions are they?

Quick as a flash the answer was "Because I can !"

No further questions.

QVAG - AFM February Workshop

Fabric Covering using Stewart Systems Aircraft Fabric Covering

On Saturday the 28th February, the Queensland Vintage Aeroplane Group/Australian Flying Museum (QVAG) held a very successful workshop on using the Stewart Systems water borne glues and paints for fabric covering of aeroplanes. The workshop was held in the QVAG Building at Watts Memorial Airfield.

Open to all (NOT just QVAG members), about 26 people attended the workshop. Bill Finlen was the presenter and he gave an introduction to the range of Stewart Systems products. Bill also gave a practical demonstration on using the products.

As is normal with all demonstrations, in part the demo had a few moments where things didnít go as planned, however overall it served as a good introduction to the Stewart Systems products.

Following the workshop a light lunch was provided and that too was well attended. The lunch allowed those in attendance the opportunity to continue the discussion with Bill.

This workshop was one of a series of workshops and seminars conducted by QVAG. These are held on a monthly basis. The March 28 seminar will be a talk by Pat Toole, the first female commercial pilot in PNG. Pat starting flying for Bobby Gibbís Sepic Airways in PNG in 1950.

This will be a very interesting presentation by a person able to give first hand recollections of what life was like as a commercial pilot in PNG in the 1950s. The presentation is open to all and will be followed by a light lunch with the opportunity to have an informal talk with Pat Toole.

The Story of Australia - Simply Add Water

Remember back six months or so, when the airstrip was completely bare and rock hard?
Well the story of the Australian landscape is to simply add water and Watts Bridge is a part of that picture.

Over 100mm of rain has fallen in November, December and January. Add the typical hot summer days and the airfield is now covered with a lush crop of vigorously growing grass. The volunteer "Tractor Brigade" has been in action keeping the various hangar precincts, taxiways and runways under control.

The larger areas to the east of the parallel runway and the areas flanking the entrance drive have been cut and baled to provide much needed stock feed for local farmers when times are harder.

Photographs by Peter Freeman and Mark Foy

Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield is strongly committed to a "Fly Neighbourly" policy ensuring good working relationships with other land owners in the district.

Pilots are requested to download the Fly Neighbourly Chart to be aware of and avoid where operationally possible, noise and over-fly sensitive locations adjacent to the airfield.

Download the Fly Neighbourly Chart.

Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield requests that all members and visitors using the airfield's internal roads adhere to the signposted maximum Speed Limit of 20kph.

The Speed Limit maximises safety for all motorists and pedestrians, significantly reduces damage to the airfield's roadways and minimises the generation of dust which has an adverse affect on aircraft, buildings and human health.

Download the Drive Neighbourly Information Sheet.